• How to be more efficient at work?

    How can you become more efficient in your daily life? You just need to know the following tips, which will allow you to transform your way of doing things, of functioning and thus be able to achieve more. View Post
  • More about HYPURE

    HYPURE is a young but very dynamic brand. Originating from the city of Zurich in Switzerland, we are revolutionizing the high quality sound market. Always attentive to the latest trends, the HYPURE team has turned its tech vision into an asset, capable of pleasing both specialists and amateurs. View Post
  • Bluetooth: history and origins

    Bluetooth is everywhere. It is an integral part of our lives and everyone uses it. But do we know exactly what it is? Well, not many people do. It looks like wifi technology, it does almost the same thing as wifi, but it is not wifi. So let's explain how it works. View Post
  • How to relax at work?

    Many people can feel stressed at work. And stress at work is mostly defined by less performance, less attention, and less concentration. To solve this, there are some simple and effective exercises that can help you decompress in a few minutes.

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  • Why are podcasts becoming more and more popular?

    The term "Podcast" was accidentally created by a British journalist in 2004. It comes from the contraction of "iPod" and "Broadcast". What is a podcast? It is a digital audio content that can be listened to anywhere, anytime. There are 2 types of podcasts.

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  • Buying tips: HYPURE ONE wireless earphones

    The earphones, HYPURE ONE provide an all-in-one solution to the problem of the people. It helps to impede background noises, enhance voice clarity, reveal the distinct musical notes, and give a natural feel to the music. These earphones are also very affordable; with HYPURE ONE you don't need to have a fortune to enjoy a superior sound quality.

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