5 Reasons Why Wireless Earbuds Are Worth Your Money

You have had a long day at work and it doesn’t end there; you have to go on a quick business trip on the other side of the country. Good thing you have your trusty earphones to give you company!


As you get seated and prepare yourself for take-off, you take out your earphones only to realize that it has attached itself to almost everything in your bag. 


You spend the next half hour undoing the cumbersome knots. Has that ever happened to you? Because it happened to us - more than we’d like to admit!


With wireless earbuds, you will never have to undo your earbuds ever again! So are wireless earphones worth the money? Let’s find out.


wireless earphones advantages


Wireless Earbuds Vs Wired Earbuds


Apart from the fact that one is wired and the other is wireless, these earbuds differ in terms of sound quality, portability, safety, etc.


Average wired earphones will have a good sound quality, but if you invest in some good quality wireless buds, sound quality will never be a problem. Given that the transmitter (in most cases, your cell phone) is next to you, a strong Bluetooth signal gives you premium uninterrupted sound quality.


You’d never have to think about battery life with wired earphones but they keep you physically connected to your device; which can be a bummer. 


5 Reasons Why Wireless Earbuds Are Worth Your Money.


Here are some reasons why wireless earbuds are worth the extra money. 


1. They Give You Complete Mobility


While wired earbuds can give you the hands-free experience to an extent, wireless ones give you complete mobility. So if you are a parent to a very demanding toddler, a jogger, a traveller, etc, you can carry on with your activities without getting tangled into a hot mess of wires.


2. They Are Easy To Use


No more untangling or inserting. Just connect your Bluetooth device to the wireless earbud and pop them on. It’s that simple! 


Wireless earbuds are a game changer! Once you start using them, it’s almost impossible to go back to the wires.


3. Reliable Connectivity


Once upon a time, Bluetooth earbuds were really unpredictable. They took forever to connect, they drained your cell phone battery and they were too expensive! Thankfully, that no longer holds true. 


With good quality earbuds, supporting the latest Bluetooth versions, you can enjoy unwavering sound quality for longer periods at affordable prices.


4. No More Hassles With The Cable


Cables and ports can be a hassle if they aren’t the right size. Remember those days when you needed more than one earbud to fit different devices? 


Even if you have the perfect cable for all your devices, it doesn’t provide the range of choices you get from wireless headsets. For instance, you can connect with your phone, your television set, laptop, phone etc.


5. They Are Cheaper In The Long Run


Yes, the price tag on wireless earbuds may be alarming to many, but cutting out the wires can have a few benefits.


With good care, a good wireless earphone can last you 2-3 years, while wired earphones will only last you 3-6 months.


Who Should Buy Wireless Earphones?


Some people just get more out of wireless earphones than others. You will benefit from wireless earbuds if:


1. You Are A Fitness Junkie


Do you enjoy jogging outside or pumping it hard in the gym? You wouldn’t want those pesky little wires getting in your way. Wireless headsets give you 100% mobility so that you can get the best out of your workouts while jamming to your favourite tunes.


2. You Love To Travel


If you are the kind of person who goes on long hikes and packs light for those short getaway, you would want something light and easy to pack along with you.


Walk with your hands free and ready to take on anything that comes your way.


3. Your Hands Are Busy All The Time


Are you a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and a full-time sales employee? We’re sure you need your hands-free while to make sales calls. Anyone juggling a million things at once can benefit from the extra comfort provided by a tiny pair of wireless earphones.


To sum it up, if you have a busy life, a hands-on job and you don’t have the time to deal with wires; or if you are tech-savvy and enjoy wireless earpieces, they might be the right choice for you.


What to Look For in Good Wireless Earphones?


Here’s the catch - you will find them in a range of prices and there is no real way to spot the good from the bad just by looking at them. So, here are some features to look out for:


1. Premium Sound Quality


Because why else do we need earphones? Earphones with poor sound quality are like a starless night. It simply has no appeal.


Thanks to the latest wireless technologies, premium quality wireless earphones have pretty much the same sound quality as their wired counterparts. It’s hard to tell the difference.


2. Latest Bluetooth Technology


Since wireless earphones work on Bluetooth signals, the enlisted Bluetooth version will give you a good idea of the sound quality and overall value of the product. Currently, the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless version is the latest in the market. 


This version has a stronger connection capacity at a greater distance. This means you can enjoy better sound quality without being super close to your transmitter. 


It is also designed to use less power so that you can use the device for longer hours.


3. Long Battery Life


All batteries wear down with time. So, it’s always a good idea to look for a wireless set that has a good battery life to start with.


Ideally, wireless earphones should provide around 4-5 hours of hearing time after a single charge. The last thing you’d want to do is to wait every few minutes to charge them.


It should also have a good charging case to charge them while you’re on the go.


4. Compatibility


We have a mix of iOS and Android devices surrounding us. A good wireless earbud that can connect with both devices saves time and money.


5. A Snug Fit


Earbuds work best when they fit snugly around your ears. The right fit creates the right amount of suction needed to sustain passive noise cancellation. If they fit right, they don’t fall out of your ears either.


We’d suggest looking for earbuds that can be fixed onto differently sized ear tips.