Best sport Bluetooth earphones in 2021

Whether you are a regular or occasional sports enthusiast, it will always be more pleasant to practice with quality equipment that will not hinder you and that is made to last over time. You have thought about your outfit, your shoes, your water bottle... but what about your earphones? Yes, today for many people earphones have become essential accessories for the best practice of their sport. 

Listening to music during your workout is a great way to get a boost, stay motivated and make your session even more enjoyable. To do this, you need to choose the right pair of earphones, one that will allow you to exercise in peace without worrying about the rest. And the pair we recommend are the HYPURE ONE, the brand new wireless earphones from HYPURE, perfectly adapted to the practice of many sports.


 wireless earphones sport


Here are the top 6 reasons why the HYPURE ONE are the perfect true wireless earphones for sports. 


1 - No wires, no limits


bluetooth earphones running


The first strength of these earphones is their wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies that will allow you to practice your sport in complete freedom. Whether you are running, weight training, biking, or even fitness, it will be much more pleasant for you not to have wires that could limit you in the good practice of your sport. Best of all, you will enjoy unparalleled sound quality with powerful sound. It is the promise of clear, high-definition listening that will keep you motivated when you are exercising.  

2 - Adapted to your morphology 


Move, run, walk, jump; thanks to their unique design, you can ensure that HYPURE ONE earphones will never fall out of your ears. Made especially for the practice of many sports, it was essential for HYPURE to develop a model of earphones that would not bother the one doing sports. As such, these earphones have the specificity to provide 3 different sizes of in-ear tips. Try and choose between the Small, Medium, and Large which size fits you best. Having the right size earphones for your ear shape is important, and it will make the experience and the workout even more enjoyable. 


3 - Work out while being comfortable


 work out with earphones


When you're exercising, it is important to feel comfortable: it can be as simple as wearing comfortable earphones. Can you see yourself running with earphones that hurt your ears? Of course not. With HYPURE ONE you will benefit from high-quality comfort, thanks to the ultra-soft silicone tips. Being very light, you will quickly forget their presence and will be able to concentrate 100% on your objectives and your performance.  

4 - Be in your bubble


Are you in the middle of a workout and tired of being disturbed by the noise in the gym? It is time for you to try the HYPURE ONE Bluetooth earphones with noise reduction technology.  Whether you are listening to music, a podcast, or watching a video, the HYPURE ONE will allow you to stay focused on what you are doing and what you are listening to because you will not hear the noise around you. You will find it easier to be in your bubble and stay focused on your goals without external distractions. If you practice yoga or meditation they could quickly become essential for you.


5 - One charge and several sports sessions

 sport earphones bluetooth


HYPURE ONE have all the advantages of true wireless, especially when it comes to battery life. Thanks to their long autonomy, you won't have to interrupt your sports session because of discharged earphones. On the contrary, with their 18 hours of listening time once fully charged, you can use them during several sports sessions. 

And if you ever forget to recharge them, thanks to their powerful charging box, you won't have to wait more than 5 minutes to be able to use them and start your sport.


6 - A small price


We all know that the purchase of complete sports equipment and accessories can quickly become expensive. Yet, we should not forget that the main purpose of sport is not to spend hundreds of euros on its practice.  That is why we at HYPURE have decided to sell our headphones at a low price so that everyone can benefit from premium quality and comfort without spending a lot of money.

Discover now our earphones for less than $70 HERE.