Can I use my wireless earphones on a plane?

With summer and the easing of sanitary measures, many of us are planning a vacation, especially abroad. When you go on a trip, it's always nice to take your earphones with you, so you can relax and put yourself in your own bubble during the long hours of transportation. But then, is it allowed to use your Bluetooth earphones on the plane? That's what we're going to find out today.


Bluetooth earphones airplane


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows people to turn on their wireless headsets during flight. When the plane takes off, passengers are asked to put their cell phones and other devices in airplane mode. However, this does not prevent you from activating Bluetooth and therefore being able to use your headphones. In fact, it is allowed to use short-range Bluetooth accessories on the plane: headphones are one of them.


Go to the settings of your phone, to activate the airplane mode. From there, Bluetooth will be automatically disabled. However, you can turn it back on without removing the airplane mode, by simply clicking on it again.


earphones on airplane



You will be able to listen to your favorite music to pass the time and enjoy your trip in the best conditions.


However, it is important to check that the airline you are flying with accepts the use of Bluetooth devices during the flight. Some companies have their own rules, and it would be better not to deviate from them.