Homeworking: how to keep efficient and productive?

The health context of the last few months has changed many things in our lives, including the way we work. Nowadays, remote working has become commonplace. More and more professions have developed this way of working and decide to keep it despite the end of some restrictions. So how do you stay efficient and productive when you work from home all day? 

Here are some tips that may be useful.




Have a room dedicated to work


The first thing to do is to define in which environment you will work. It will be beneficial for you to settle in a room totally dedicated to your activity, without external distractions. It will be easier for you to concentrate in a place that is 100% dedicated to your work, rather than in other rooms where you are used to doing other things, such as the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom.


The important thing is to differentiate and organize your spaces so as not to mix your professional and private life. This is a major point to respect if you want to be sure to be efficient when telecommuting. It will be more difficult to let go and really take breaks if everything is in the same place.


Have quality equipment


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Just like in the office, the material you use to work is important, and it is necessary that it is of good quality


First of all, consider that the position in which you work will play a big role in your concentration and motivation. If you work on your couch or in your bed you will not be able to stay productive all day. It is important to think about your health and therefore to have a good position, especially for your back. Having a real office chair, comfortable, is thus one of the most indispensable elements. Then, the desk, it must be suitable, at the right height, with enough space according to your activity. 


For the technological side, it is obvious that a good computer is more than necessary because it will play a lot on the productivity and the desire to work. It is always more pleasant to work with tools that work well, are fast, and respond perfectly to our expectations.


Headsets are also very useful when it comes to telecommuting. Indeed, during a video conference meeting it will always be more pleasant to follow with headphones than to use the speakers of your computer. You will not disturb your entourage, it allows you to better isolate yourself, to better hear what is said and thus to be much more concentrated. The HYPURE ONE wireless headphones are really adapted to this situation. Thanks to their technology of reduction of the external noise they will allow you to follow your meetings without being disturbed by the surrounding noises, and thanks to the integrated microphone you will be able to perfectly exchange with your colleagues and collaborators.


Take breaks


With home working, many people tend to work much more than they would in the office, for example by eating in front of the computer and not taking real breaks at lunch. However, it is important to remember that taking a few breaks during the day is necessary and has a significant impact on morale and motivation. It is important not to be overwhelmed by work, and taking small breaks from time to time is recommended.


Keep in touch with colleagues


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Remote working does not mean being alone. On the contrary, it is important to keep in touch with your colleagues on a regular basis, as this will have a big impact on your morale and thus your motivation. Whether it's through meetings, phone calls, or afterwork, having regular contact with other people is important.