How do Bluetooth wireless earphones work?

To fully understand wireless earphones, we need to know how they work.

These earphones have a small chip that releases non-ionizing radiation. The radiation picks up sound signals from another chip and provides music to your ears. It is the same technology used in radio transmissions.

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These tiny chips can be made to catch three types of signals :

  • Infrared signals
  • Radio signals
  • Bluetooth signals


Bluetooth technology is the most common with wireless connections. Hence most wireless earphones are designed to pick up Bluetooth signals.


Since most devices are Bluetooth enabled, you would have no problem connecting your earphones with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.


Latest Bluetooth technology


Since wireless earphones work on Bluetooth signals, the enlisted Bluetooth version will give you a good idea of the product’s sound quality and overall value. Currently, the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless version is the latest on the market.This version has a stronger connection capacity at a greater distance. This means you can enjoy better sound quality without being super close to your transmitter. It is also designed to use less power so that you can use the device for longer hours. 


Bluetooth signaling is a fast-growing technology. Think about it - Bluetooth earphones first came out in 2004. Back then it was harder to connect them to the phone, connections easily dropped in a tunnel or a lift; it was very expensive and did not have the quality to back it up.


Look at Bluetooth devices now - they are portable, easy to connect, have a long life, etc. The technology will keep improving as time goes by.


So, if you are looking for new wireless earphones, make sure they support the latest Bluetooth technology; such as the HYPURE ONE


HYPURE ONE  Bluetooth earphones

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The HYPURE ONE earphones allow you to enjoy the latest version of the Bluetooth Wireless Communication System. It gives you 4 times the range, 2 times the speed, and 8 times the broadcasting capacity compared to the previous version. This means that you will get a better sound quality at a long-range and a greater distance from your transmitter. 


It uses less energy so that you can use your earphones for a long time


For the best results, make sure that your Bluetooth device is updated to the latest version.


Are wireless earphones safe?

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A study published by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that daily exposure to small amounts of ionizing radiation is not harmful to humans. In many ways, wireless earphones are safer than wired ones. For instance, wires can get caught in the most unfortunate places.


You should take basic precautions with wired and wireless earphones. Keep the volume between 60 - 85 decibels. It is not recommended to keep the maximum volume for too long.