How to be more efficient at work?

How can you become more efficient in your daily life? You just need to know the following tips, which will allow you to transform your way of doing things, of functioning and thus be able to achieve more.


Turn off the distractions


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To be able to be efficient and focused on what we do, cutting out all distractions seems to be obvious. However, this is not as simple as one might imagine. We live in a world where we are constantly connected, we are used to having unlimited access to information at all times. The hardest thing is to cut this off for a while. As we all know, when we are working it is very easy to be quickly distracted by a ringing phone, the sound of a received message, or even a colleague in the case of open space work, cutting us off from the task we are doing. Getting back into it will then require even more effort and time. So, the first tip to be more efficient at work is to cut off as much as possible any possible source of distraction, and to put yourself in a work bubble in which you can be focused.


Getting to know yourself


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This is an important point. The more you know about yourself, the more you can adapt your work and your efficiency. Indeed, not everyone has the same level of concentration at the same time during the day. Not everyone is in the same conditions to work efficiently all day. Some people will be more efficient in the morning, others in the afternoon. Knowing yourself means knowing when you are most effective. Be careful, however, to distinguish between the time when you work most efficiently and the time you prefer to work. These are two different things. For example, you may like to work in the evening, but that doesn't mean that you are efficient in the evening. So, in order to be more productive and move forward more quickly with your tasks, you need to be aware of when you are most effective and organize your day around that. If you are more efficient in the morning, do the things that require the most energy in the morning.

Also be aware of the environment in which you are effective. Some people will need to listen to music or be quiet. This is all very personal but is essential to know.


Be organized


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How to be better organized? Consider planning your day the day before, so that when you get up in the morning you already know exactly what to do. You won't have to start thinking about what you're going to do, and you'll be more efficient. When planning the day before, it is important to do it in a structured and detailed way, as detailed as possible. Always put the most important and the most complex task first in your day. This way, no matter what unforeseen circumstances may arise, you will have already done your most important task and your most complex task. The fact of detailing your day as much as possible, will also allow you to estimate the time needed for each of the things you will have to do and thus better organize yourself.


Focus on one task at a time


One task at a time! The more you spread yourself thin, the less progress you will make and the less efficient you will be. Simply, start one task, finish it, and start a new one. It's best not to multitask.


Set a framework


Be efficient at work


In general, we are much more efficient in a tidy, uncluttered environment. It allows us to give way to our creativity. Working in a messy place can pollute the mind and prevent us from being productive and efficient. Organizing a clean, organized and orderly workspace is the key to performance

Also allow yourself to take breaks, you are not machines you can't work all the time without breaks. In order for your brain and body to keep up with your projects throughout the day, you need to give them a few breaks. These must be regular but short, the objective is not to break your work rhythm with too long breaks. These breaks will allow you to oxygenate your mind to be able to start again in an effective way.




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