How to clean your wireless earphones ?

To keep your earphones performing as well as ever over time, it's important to take care of them and maintain them well. It is not that complicated, you just have to think about it, and cleaning them from time to time will help them last longer.


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Why should you clean them?

Earphones are one of the most frequently used devices in a day, so it seems obvious that they will get dirty faster than other devices. Generally, we take them everywhere with us, they travel a lot, we slip them in the pocket, in the bag, etc. We use them a lot, and their exposition to germs and bacteria is quite high. 

When you think about it, in-ear earphones are devices that are inserted into your ear canal, so it seems logical that cleaning them is essential. This will also help protect them.

How to do it? 

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The method is quite simple, but it should not be forgotten. If you have in-ear earphones, such as the HYPURE ONE, you will first have to remove the interchangeable tips. These are made of plastic and can be cleaned under clear water with a little soap. You can use a cotton swab to clean all areas of the tips. Then, if you want to disinfect them, you can use an antiseptic spray, but this step is not mandatory. You can then wipe them with a paper towel, or simply let them air dry.

Make sure the tips are completely dry before putting them back on the earphones; they must not come into contact with water, otherwise they may not work anymore.

Then, the best way to clean your earphones (without the plastic tip), will be to use a dry toothbrush that you will come to rub on the small metal grids. This will remove most of the dirt. For thorough cleaning, you can use a toothpick.

What about the charging case?


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If you notice that dirt has gotten into your charging case, it will also be important to clean it because it could prevent your earphones from charging properly.

To remove the dust, take a microfiber cloth thin enough to clean the inside. After, as for the earphones, you can take a toothbrush, and come to brush very delicately the inside to remove all the small dirt

The toothpick can also be used to clean the grooves of the box, always with precision and thoroughness.