How to relax at work?

Many people can feel stressed at work. And stress at work is mostly defined by less performance, less attention, and less concentration. To solve this, there are some simple and effective exercises that can help you decompress in a few minutes.


Relax at work


Sitting in a semi-recumbent position on your office chair. The secret: find a good breathing


One of the first possible exercises to get back in touch with your breathing is to find your abdominal breathing. It consists of taking a deep breath, inflating the belly, and blowing. It is important to take your time to relax. For an even more complete breathing you can inflate the belly, then the ribs, and finish by blowing. This will allow you to find a wide, ample breathing, which will allow you to calm down. This exercise should be repeated several times until your stress level has decreased. 


Another technique called "tension/relaxation" is also very effective to evacuate stress when you are at work. The objective is to mobilize the body through tension and relaxation. Start by taking a deep breath and then inflate the belly. Then hold your breath and stretch your arms and hands out in front of you as hard as you can, then breathe in and out. With each exhalation, try to imagine the tensions that gradually leave your body, allowing you to free yourself. 

A really good and simple anti-stress technique is to relax by thinking of a relaxing image for a few minutes. To do this, take a moment to yourself, to concentrate and close your eyes. Concentrate on releasing all the tensions in your body: relax your face, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your back, your pelvis, your legs. Think of images that we call resource images, they can be landscapes of nature for example. You will then have to try to find each of the senses that exist in this image: pleasant sounds, the sound of the wind in the leaves, the breath of the birds singing, etc. You can also find the colors of this landscape, imagine the color of the sky, the color of the leaves. Find the pleasant sensations of heat given by the sun. Maybe also find the smells.