HYPURE ONE test: full review of affordable wireless earphones

Have you heard of the HYPURE ONE? These new wireless earphones for less than 70 dollars are now becoming more and more popular on the market. Created by the Swiss brand HYPURE, these Bluetooth headphones are affordable while having a powerful sound quality. So what is this product worth?

Presentation and unboxing

To begin with, the earphones are sent in a black box, square, very sober and uncluttered completely in the image of the brand. We find the white HYPURE logo on top of the box, and on the side edges some details like the color of the headphones, the Bluetooth 5.0, and the long battery life. The brand has chosen a simple and effective design to illustrate its quality. 


Inside the box we find the headphones in their charging case, a USB-C cable for the case, two other pairs of silicone tips of different sizes, and a small instruction manual. A manual that is actually very intuitive, to understand step by step how to connect the headphones to any device with Bluetooth. 


All the necessary elements for a perfect listening are in this box.


Product test



The first aspect to mention is the ease with which the headphones connect to any device with Bluetooth. Once the pairing is done, they connect automatically as soon as you open the charging case, really fast and very simple to use. 


Immediately, you can enjoy a quality sound!


These earphones are really great in many different contexts. For example, thanks to the integrated microphone you can easily use them for work calls. They also fit very well in the ears so no problem to run and work out with. And of course for listening to music they are really efficient: an incredible value for money


What is also great is that the brand offers the option of express delivery which allows to receive the headphones in 2 to 3 working days. A real plus if you don't want to wait, or if you've decided at the last minute to make a gift to someone.





The HYPURE ONE have some specificities which are really appreciable and which make the product more premium. 


First of all, there is the battery: the headphones are autonomous for more than 18 hours (with the use of the recharging box), which is very practical when you have to use them a lot or for example when you travel, not always easy to find a plug to recharge your headphones. At least here no worries on this side, they really hold long. Also, once in their box, they recharge very quickly, no need to wait hours. For example, by putting the earphones to charge about 5 minutes it allowed to have a listening of 50 minutes!


Another very pleasant aspect, is the technology of passive noise reduction. No matter where you are, external noise will not interfere with listening to music or making calls. Or even when working out, it's always easier to concentrate and stay focused when you can't hear external noise.


A really major point of these headphones is their comfort. They have been designed so that everyone can use them and that they fit well in all people despite different morphologies. So when you receive them you can try on the 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips and choose the one that suits you best. So there's no fear that these in-ear monitors won't fit your ears. 


In addition to this custom aspect, they are also very pleasant to wear, we can quickly forget their such they are light and discreet. 


The little extra


This model comes in 3 different colors: white, black and pink. This leaves the choice to each one according to its tastes and its style, which is really great!


Customer reviews


The customer reviews are also positive on this product, generally very satisfied with the quality-price ratio and the customer service.


A.F.: "I ordered headphones and the post office lost the package. I contacted the customer service staff and they were extremely responsive and efficient. They sent me back headphones and quickly. I have never seen such efficient customer service. I can see that other people have not had the same experience as me but honestly even with "friends" it doesn't go as well. They are very serious and the product is quality so the 5 star is more than deserved. Thanks again to customer service."


F.G. : "I am really bluffed by the quality of the sound and the facility of connection to the various devices considering the small price. Very good isolation of the external noises, they hold very well in my ears thanks to the small ends. They changed my life!Frankly a big bravo and thank you!!!"


A.L. : "Excellent value for money".


S.Y. : "Splendid! I am very satisfied. It's light, cute and the sound is sensational. Also, the headphones fit well in my ears. I'm thinking of buying more."