More about HYPURE

Who are we? 

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HYPURE is a young but very dynamic brand. Originating from the city of Zurich in Switzerland, we are revolutionizing the high quality sound market. Always attentive to the latest trends, the HYPURE team has turned its tech vision into an asset, capable of pleasing both specialists and amateurs. 


We value audio quality above all, with unique and timeless designs, while making technology affordable

Determined to go further, we aim to be present on 5 continents, so that everywhere in the world you can enjoy premium sound.


Accessible premium



Why pay more when premium becomes accessible? At HYPURE, we quickly realized that in terms of high-end audio, prices were always getting higher and higher. We wanted to change that and make technology accessible to everyone. By reducing the number of intermediaries, we are able to offer our customers very competitive prices, while guaranteeing them the best quality.

No need to pay exorbitant prices anymore, we have dedicated ourselves to offer a solution that is just as qualitative but much more attractive than our current competitors.


How did we do it?

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HYPURE is riding the wave of technology and trends. As the digital age expands and physical stores tend to disappear, we decided to market our products entirely online.


This aspect was extremely important to us because it allowed us to realize the values we hold dear.


  • Focus our development efforts on audio quality rather than looking for physical distributors.


  • Have an in-house team instead of relying on external contractors.


  • A drastic reduction of our costs, allowing us to offer affordable products.


    A committed and responsible brand


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    HYPURE is above all a human brand, always attentive to its customers, partners and employees. 


    It is also a responsible brand, committed to the preservation of our planet and our future. We believe that while it is important to create, it is equally important to leave the earth in better shape than we found it. So, in order to offset our carbon dioxide emissions, we are committed to planting a tree for every product we sell. 


    By choosing HYPURE, you also contribute to having a positive impact on the environment. 


    Through this initiative and with the help of our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, we have already contributed to the planting of thousands of trees around the world.



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