The benefits of running with music

Nowadays, many people have taken the habit of running with music. Music is known to bring a sense of pleasure, motivation, and avoid boredom. Many athletes use music to focus and achieve their goals. It also prevents the pain and fatigue associated with exercise.


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What impact does music have on your performance?


When you run, music will always have an impact on your performance. It is therefore important to choose your music carefully.


Music that you like, that brings back memories, will be more motivating. It boosts your dopamine and serotonin, thus greatly improving your mood


If you are by nature stressed, then music will be beneficial to you. It helps to manage this stress by allowing you to travel mentally, to put yourself in a bubble for a short time. Music can either relax you or activate you.


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How to adapt the rhythm of the music?


Music can make you run in a mechanical and automatic way as you are cut off from your environment. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the tempo and style of your music so that listening to it does not become counterproductive in your run. The rhythm of the music must be adapted to the pace of the race and to the current mood. 


It will always be beneficial to take the time to choose your music, before you start running, according to your goals and your motivation. To keep it fun, choose music that suits your taste.


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It is recommended that you start your run with a slow musical tempo, and gradually move towards faster, more rhythmic music; around 70% of your maximum heart rate. The objective is to develop your physical and cardiac capacities to the maximum: music will help you in this, and it will also allow you to feel less tired. 


If you choose relaxing music, it will allow the body to produce a much higher amount of endorphins that act on the blood vessels and cause them to dilate, which improves blood circulation. It also lowers blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. When your heart rate is lowered, the oxygenation of your muscles is optimized, allowing you to run better and longer, reducing stress at the same time.