The health benefits of music

On a more or less daily basis, we all listen to music, but did you know that it has real benefits for our brain and our health? Yes, music is much more than entertainment and can be beneficial in many situations.

Here are the reasons why it is good to listen to music.

Stress reduction


listening to music

Numerous studies have shown that listening to music greatly promotes relaxation and therefore generates a stress reduction. Soft, instrumental music can help calm us down, especially at times when our heart rate can be elevated due to anxiety and high stress. Music has a reassuring and familiar feel to it that will make us feel in a comfort zone where we can let go and thus more easily evacuate the negative waves that cause this state of stress. 

Better concentration


focus at work


Music can help with concentration in many situations. For example, many top athletes listen to music just before a big competition. This allows them to stay focused on their goals, concentrate to the maximum, and not be disturbed by their environment. This can be perfectly applied to work. In addition to allowing you to concentrate on what you are doing, it has a motivating effect that allows you to feel less tired and to remain more productive. 

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Helps you sleep



If you have trouble falling asleep at night, listening to soft and calm music could be a solution. Indeed, music is a dopamine activator generating a feeling of well-being and plenitude. Falling asleep feeling good, not thinking too much about our daily worries, is important for restful sleep. Thus, falling asleep with music will allow you to benefit from a relaxing and restful sleep. 

Music therapy

The virtues of music are increasingly recognized and approved, making it a tool for medicine. This is called music therapy. The effects of well-being, stress reduction, and better concentration are used in specific contexts where patients have to face strong pain during childbirth, an operation, an anxiety attack, etc. Music helps patients to overcome the pain and not to focus on it.