Why are podcasts becoming more and more popular?

What is it?

The term "Podcast" was accidentally created by a British journalist in 2004. It comes from the contraction of "iPod" and "Broadcast".


What is a podcast? It is a digital audio content that can be listened to anywhere, anytime.


Podcast listen


There are 2 types of podcasts. The first, are those that you can listen to catch up on a program that you missed on the radio. This is what we call the catch-up radio. Namely that most radios put their programs in podcast after their broadcast. The second are the native podcasts, which are generally made by enthusiasts in a totally independent way and put directly on the Internet without going through the radio. They are more numerous than the first ones, simply because they are not subject to programming schedules, and especially because any person can create his podcast.


Podcasts have been around for a long time now, especially in North America where they have become very popular in recent years. But they are now more and more present in Europe, thanks to the podcast networks. These are people who produce and broadcast their own podcasts, which has made them even more popular and accessible to the greatest number of people. But there are also a lot of podcasts made by amateurs and enthusiasts.


Which podcasts to listen to?


Which podcasts to listen to?


But which podcasts can you listen to? The genres, themes and formats of podcasts are very varied. For example, you can find documentaries, talk shows, interviews, fiction, etc. The advantage is that podcasts can deal with any subject, and that there is an unlimited number of existing podcasts or to create. Whether you're interested in gaming, movies, music, news, tech, etc., you're bound to find a podcast that's right for you. With them, you can educate yourself, learn new things, because they are mines of information.


Their success


What made their success is the ease with which one can listen to them. Indeed, there are many platforms that offer this format, which can be listened to wherever and whenever you want! Listening to a podcast is like listening to music; it can be done while doing other activities at the same time, such as driving, walking, doing sports, tidying, cooking, etc. As soon as you have a smartphone, computer or any other device, and an internet connection, the world of podcasts and possibilities opens up to you.


podcast micro


What differentiates the podcast from the classic radio is that the format is totally free. You can choose for yourself what you want to listen or create, there are no limits, neither of time nor of themes.