• The different musical genres

    There is a very large number of different types of music in the world. To be able to find one's way around, musical genres have been invented. They are used to classify music, artists or even albums, in categories to make it easier to find your way. View Post
  • The history of music

    Music takes very different forms depending on the place and time in which it was composed. From sacred music in the Middle Ages to contemporary electronic music, through opera and classical music, history has recorded the names of great composers who have left their mark on music. View Post
  • Why do we love music?

    We all know how beneficial music can be. It can make us happy, calm us down or motivate us. Obviously, this is largely related to our tastes, to a certain education of the ear in relation to the cultural environment, to memories, experiences, but that's not all. View Post
  • How does the sound reach our ears?

    How does our hearing system work? The human auditory system is composed of 3 parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Sound waves are picked up by the pinna of the outer ear. They are then amplified and transmitted to the middle ear through the external ear canal. This movement of sound causes the tympanic membrane to vibrate. View Post
  • Are Bluetooth headphones dangerous for your health?

    Many of us nowadays use our wireless headphones on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is interesting to look at the question of their impact on our health. Are Bluetooth waves dangerous for our brain? What are the repercussions on our hearing? View Post
  • Can I use my wireless earphones on a plane?

    With summer and the easing of sanitary measures, many of us are planning a vacation, especially abroad. When you go on a trip, it's always nice to take your earphones with you, so you can relax and put yourself in your own bubble during the long hours of transportation. But then, is it allowed to use your Bluetooth earphones on the plane? That's what we're going to find out today. View Post