Our Story 1

HYPURE is a Swiss headphones company that values audio quality. But above all else, a brand of headphones disrupts the tech world by offering, finally, a product at an affordable price.

How did the idea come to us?

The idea of HYPURE was born in Switzerland when Giordano, its founder noticed with dismay the completely abusive price of all the headphones of acceptable quality on the market. Looking around in different stores, all wireless headphones under 100€ were of poor quality.

What are our values?

Our mission is to offer premium quality headphones at the lowest price. We believe that everyone should have access to wireless headphones without having to spend their month's salary or their last years' savings. Technology is becoming more and more affordable but multinationals are not adapting fast enough to these changes; that's why we are here to help you!

How did we do it?

HYPURE is riding the wave of technology and trends. As the digital age expands and physical stores tend to disappear, we decided to market our headphones entirely digitally.
This aspect was extremely important to us because it allowed us to realize the values we hold dear.
  • Focusing our development efforts on audio quality rather than looking for physical distributors.
  • Having an in-house team only instead of overpaying with external contractors.
  • A drastic reduction of our costs allowing us to offer affordable headphones
  • A strong reduction of our carbon footprint due to the suppression of a multitude of intermediaries.